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PCSRA serves soccer competitions in Pierce County in Washington State including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues. This includes assigning licensed Referees, managing schedules, and all activities related to supporting these efforts.

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Thursday October 5th, 2017

Wonder when you'll be paid for your games? If you use direct deposit, then:
Games done the 1-15th will be paid on the 1st of the following month via direct deposit (give or take a few days for bank processing).
Games done the 16-31st will be paid 15th of the following month via direct deposit (give or take a few days for bank processing).

If you haven't set up direct deposit yet, you might want to do that... Checks will only be paid at the end of the following month.
Checks for 9/1-9/30 games will be send out on or about 10/15.

To activate direct deposit, log on, go to Services, then Profile, then click the Preferences tab. You'll need your bank Routing Number and your Account ...

Bylaws Committee Meeting

The Bylaws Committee will be meeting at 7:00 PM on Friday 10/06 at the Round Table Pizza, 7921 S. Hosmer in Tacoma. All PCSRA members and guest are welcome. The final draft of changes to the Bylaws changes will be discussed.

WYS League Rules of Competition

Newly posted: WA Youth Soccer League Rules of Competition.Going

WA State PDI Rules

Newly posted: WA State PDI rules.Going

New Referee Clinics

cheer New Referee Clinics:

We continue to have a shortage of Referees. The following New Referee Clinics have been scheduled for individuals to become Referees.

Saturday, 9/30/17, 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Starfire Sports Complex, Tukwila, WA 98188
Saturday, 10/7/17, 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Starfire Sports Complex, Tukwila, WA 9818
Saturday, 10/21/17, 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm, Starfire Sports Complex, Tukwila, WA 98188

Refereeing is a great way for kids to make money or as a second job for anyone. There are games available to officiate year around. We recommend that participants be at least fourteen years old.

There are about 3 to 5 hours of online lessons that must be completed a couple...

Saturday August 26th, 2017

Referees, to recertify for 2018, don't forget you'll need two hours of training this year. You will need to register for the free training at wareferees.org. Here is a list of the current scheduled training dates/times.

Referee - Recert or Supplemental Training Grade 7 & 8 & Emeritus 3S-0917-HR78E-0011 Tacoma , WA Mon 9/18/2017 7-9 PM
Referee - Recert or Supplemental Training Grade 7 & 8 & Emeritus 3S-1017-HR78E-0012 Tacoma , WA Mon 10/16/2017 7-9 PM
Referee - Recert or Supplemental Training Grade 7 & 8 & Emeritus 3S-1117-HR78E-0013 Tacoma , WA Mon 11/20/2017 7-9 PM
Referee - Recert or Supplemental Training Grade 7 & 8 & Emeritus 3S-1217-HR78E-0014 Tacoma , WA Mon 12/18/2017 ...

Upcoming Board Meetings

No Board Meeting in August. Board meetings for September, October, November and December will be at the Poodle Dog in Fife.


Board Meetings which are held the second (2nd) Monday of the month have been moved to a new location: POODLE DOG RESTAURANT, 1522 54TH AVE., FIFE. This starts April 10th at he usual time 7:00 PM.

HS Post Season Application Form

If you are interested in doing post-season HS games, download the form from the documents section of the PCSRA website and/or contact Joe Tompkins, then send the completed form to Joe for consideration. If you wish to advance your officiating skills this, is a way to give notice of that intent.

Sunday March 19th, 2017

If your Risk Management (Background check) is expired:

RMA Process for Referees

Because we require referees to be risk management approved through WA Youth Soccer to be assigned to our sanctioned competitions, we have created a process for referees to apply for background checks.

Referees have a separate background check application link: http://rma.referee.washingtonyouthsoccer.org. This URL will redirect to the risk management system for referees in Affinity. Click on "Registration" in the upper right hand of the screen.

There will be a flat $6 fee required to submit the background check application for referees - this includes the background check fee and risk management adm...

2017 PCSRA Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are held the second (2nd) MONDAY of the month EXCEPT FOR MAY, JUNE AND JULY.
Special Board Meetings are called by the President. A notice is posted on WHAT'S NEW OF THE SUBJECT MATTER, DATE, TIME and LOCATION of the the meeting.
Regular Membership Meetings are held every third (3rd) MONDAY of the month EXCEPT FOR JUNE and JULY. The topic of the Membership Meeting will be posted on WHAT'S NEW in advance of the meeting. Mark your calendar for AUGUST 21st as that is the date for the girls season HS clinic.
Special Membership Meetings are called using the same criteria as Special Board Meetings and will also be posted on WHAT'S NEW.
All PCSRA meetings, unless otherwi...

Thursday November 24th, 2016

Great news: Improved processes allow us to pay twice a month now, beginning with the November 1-15 pay period. We will be invoicing the clubs twice each month, and we will process payments to referees as soon as the clubs transfer the funds to PCSRA.

League Rules

Here is the links to the various league rules:

RCL - http://www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org/leagues/regional_club_league/resources/
SSUL - http://www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org/leagues/ssul_resources/
Recreational - http://www.piercecountysoccer.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2016-Rules-of-Comp-Chart.pdf

PSPL - http://pugetsoundpremierleague.com/leagues-5/new-rules-2016

5 Tips to Improve Your Game as a Youth Referee

Lance Slichko, our PCSRA Youth Representative, has written a article you may want to read. If you are a Youth Referee and you'd like some tips for better officiating, check out the article by clicking on "Information" on the left, then on "documents". Scan down for the article with Lance's name in the title.