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The action never ends!

PCSRA serves soccer competitions in Pierce County in Washington State including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues. This includes assigning licensed Referees, managing schedules, and all activities related to supporting these efforts.

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Tuesday February 2nd, 2016

The agenda contains the following: appointments to committees, review and posting of PCSRA events for 2016 including training topics, Resolution 2016-02 Assignor Contract and Resolution 2016-03 Treasu...


CLUB & HS PAYMENTS as of 1-21:

December Club Payments- as of 1-14, these clubs were paid
Fircrest - paid 1-12
Franklin Pierce - paid 1-12
Harbor paid 1-12
Norpoint - paid 1-12
Spanaway ...

High School Boys Clinic

The HS boys WOA clinic will be held at Tower Lanes 6323 6th Ave. in Tacoma on Monday Feburary 22nd from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. If ypu do not do the girls season you must take the on-line WOA tests. You...

Wednesday January 20th, 2016

The best way to become involved in PCSRA business and actions is get involved and an excellent way to become involved is be on a committee. The Board wants your input and this is a very good way to g...

Wednesday January 20th, 2016

The PCSRA AGM was held Monday the 18th. The results are as follows: Resolution 2015-08 changing By-Laws Article V Judicial Process was passed by the membership; Resolution 2015-31 changing By-Laws Ar...

1099s being mailed this week

Why are you getting a 1099?
The IRS requires that we send this out to all referees who received $600 or more in 2015 AND file a copy with the IRS as well. This includes Youth games that were paid by...

2016 Board & Memebership /Training Meetings

All of the 2016 Board Meetings (2nd Monday of the month) and Membership/Training Meetings (third Mondays of the month) will be held at: TOWER LANES 6323 6TH AVE. TACOMA 98406. Board meetings are from...

Is Your RMA Up To Date

YOUR RMA DOES NOT UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY. PCSRA does not update your RMA nor does it happen on July15 of each year, or on your birthday. It is renewed when YOU renew it. Check your profile to see if yo...

Girls High School Payments

High School money is rolling in.

We will upload a payment to Arbiter by December 15th and pay whatever we have in hand that day. That will allow you to have some shopping money the weekend befor...


WPFC ECNL Games have been loaded.

These are the girls equivalent to the Academy program and they are the highest level youth female games in the Nation. All matches start in January so you must fi...