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PCSRA serves soccer competitions in Pierce County in Washington State including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues. This includes assigning licensed Referees, managing schedules, and all activities related to supporting these efforts.

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WPFC Entry Level Clinic-14-7-19

book WPFC New Referee Clinic

Sunday,July 19th....

WPFC REFEREE CLINIC on Sunday, July 19th. WPFC will host an entry level clinic at the WP...Going

2015 Winter Payments - April & HS/MS

These have been paid as of today 07/05/2015
Round 1 (Start of Season to April 15th)
Bonney Lake
Clover Park

Tim O'Hara

Tim O'Hara

Patrick O'Hara (Tim's son, a former referee and soccer player that many of us officiated) passed away on June 20th in the hospital in his sleep. Patrick was 34 ...

Cy Palmer

Cy Palmer

Cy Palmer news update:
Cy has returned from his latest Nascar circuit trip. Yes, you were correct-we all missed the Cy (and the Refmobile) at the Rainer Challen...

Gig Harbor Entry Level Clinic-14-7-18

book Gig Harbor New Referee Clinic

Saturday,July 18th....
Gig Harbor REFEREE CLINIC on Saturday, July 18th.. Gig Harbor will host an...Going

Sumner Entry Level Clinic-14-7-18

book Sumner New Referee Clinic

Saturday, July 18th.....
Sumner REFEREE CLINIC July 18th.. Sumner will host an entry level clinic at Sumner High ...More

PSU, RSA, Franklin-Pierce, and University Club Entry Level Clinic-15-7-19

book RSA,PSU,Franklin-Pierce,and University Place New Referee Clinic

July 19th....


NorTac New Referee Clinic-15-8-16

book NorTac,New Referee Clinic

August 16th.....

NorTac Soccer Club will host a new referee clinic on Sunday, August 16th at Jane Clark Club ho...More

Fife-New Referee Clinic-August 29th

book Fife New Referee Clinic

Fife Soccer Club will host a new referee clinic on Saturday, August 29th from 8-6pm at Surprise Lake Middle School.

Referee Development Academy (RDA)-July 24-26th

Referee Development Academy

RDA cost:
Free for those who attend
$103 for those who REGISTER and do not attend.

Where: Central Washington University (E...

Youth Scholarship Awards

$ Youth Scholarship Awards $

Youth Scholarship Awards

The Board members of PCSRA are proud to announce the 6th annual Youth Schol...

PCSRA Documents

Be an informed chapter member, check out the updated By-Laws, Constitution, and resolutions that have been passed by your elected board members.

Logon to your account then head over to Information-...

Run with the President

Darin Tugman is going to begin the training of running now that HS season is over. I will meet every Tuesday at 6:30 and run the "beep test" training will last until 8pm at Sparks stadium.

Check ba...

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