Welcome to the home on the World Wide Web for the PCSRA (Pierce County Soccer Referees Association) on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014.

The action never ends!

PCSRA serves soccer competitions in Pierce County in Washington State including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues. This includes assigning licensed Referees, managing schedules, and all activities related to supporting these efforts.

You can navigate through and around this site by selecting (clicking on) any of the active hyperlinks that appear like this or the various graphical images you'll see. Click on the Information area to review the information that we have available for the general public.

If you are a current PCSRA participant, you can access the private portion of our website by clicking Logon.

In the meantime, we hope to see you on the Pitch in the near future!
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PCSRA Board meeting @ Charlie's in Puyallup

huddle September 8th 2014

General Membership is welcome and encouraged to attend

Charlie's in Puyallup

PCSRA Board Meeting 6:45-8:30pm (Be there early to order food so meeting can begin a...

Middle School Games are being loaded

cheer Middle School games are being loaded

We have begun to load the middle school games onto the website. LOTS of 3:00 and 3:30 games. If you are unable to self assign please contact Joe Tomp...

Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management14-6-24

cheer Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management

For many referees who applied for a Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management last year-the RMA all have an expiration date of July 15, 2014 on it. I...

We Are now on Twitter 14-7-29

cheer @PierceRefs

Come join us in the wonderful world of Twitter we are at @PierceRefs

See you there!!!