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Want to become a Certified Referee?

If you're interested in becoming a certified USSF Official, please read this:Going

NAVIGATING THE WEBSITE - see the video here.

Referees: wondering how to maneuver through the website? Please view the video here:Going

Safe Sports Information

On February 14th, 2018, the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 was enacted by Congress and became federal law. If you would like more information about this, please visit this site:Going

Recertification Modules available for 2021

To recertify for 2021, you WILL need to complete the standard set of modules and the exam. However, the good news is that the State has decided to waive all fees for recertification. From their note: Your WASRC has been working hard for its membership and came to an agreement with US Soccer for 2021 registration. The agreement is that your 2020 fees will carry over to 2021, but to recertify you still must complete some online lessons. Basically, you will not be charged any fees for your 20...

GETTING PAID! Read this, please, before you send a note to the Webmaster.

Referees: wondering when you'll get paid? Please view the video explaining pay processes and dates here:Going

Wednesday August 8th, 2018

SGEOSC needs a USSF certified Assignor for the upcoming season. If you are interested, please contact Joe Tompkins: joe_tompkins@comcast.net

Monday March 19th, 2018

All, remember: if you need to cross the Narrows Bridge to officiate games for the Gig Harbor or West Narrows clubs, you will be reimbursed for the toll costs. Also both clubs participate in the bonus system that pays additional fees if you are the center referee on a match that isn't completely staffed (one or zero ARs).

Friday March 2nd, 2018

There is a new topic just posted on the WAReferees.org page that deals with the topic of Referee Abuse and Assault. (Spoiler: They're against it, too!) Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about it - please read it here:Going

2021 PCSRA Meetings

Regular Board Meetings are held the second (2nd) MONDAY of the month at 7pm. We are holding these meetings via Zoom. If you'd like to attend, please drop a note to webmaster@pcsra.org for further information. Special Board Meetings and Special Membership Meetings are called by the President as necessary and will be posted on "What's New?".

Welcome to the home on the World Wide Web for the PCSRA (Pierce County Soccer Referees Association) on Saturday, July 24th, 2021.

The action never ends!

PCSRA serves soccer competitions in Pierce County in Washington State including adult amateur, high school, and youth Leagues. This includes assigning licensed Referees, managing schedules, and all activities related to supporting these efforts.

You can navigate through and around this site by selecting (clicking on) any of the active hyperlinks that appear like this or the various graphical images you'll see. Click on the Information area to review the information that we have available for the general public.

If you are a current PCSRA participant, you can access the private portion of our website by clicking Logon.

In the meantime, we hope to see you on the Pitch in the near future!