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10918712/10/2022Sat10:00 amYouthU11Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier G12 Green AXF G12 RCL 2
11030312/10/2022Sat10:00 amYouthU11Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier G12 Green AXF G12 FCL 2
11035812/10/2022Sat10:00 amYouthU15Comp 1MaleGlacier View Junior High Field 1RSA Union B08 HanisVashon B08 Unicorns - Escovedo
11030412/10/2022Sat11:30 amYouthU10Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2AHarbor Premier B13 Black CKitsap Alliance B13 White
11035612/10/2022Sat11:30 amYouthU15Comp 1FemaleHeritage ARSA Elite G07 BlackSeattle United South G07 Blue
11037112/10/2022Sat12:45 pmYouthU11Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 2AHarbor Premier G12 White BWash Premier G12 Navy C
11035712/10/2022Sat1:30 pmYouthU17Comp 1FemaleHeritage ARSA Elite Girls High SchoolPSA Force G05 Black
11037312/10/2022Sat1:45 pmYouthU13Comp 1FemaleCurtis StadiumUP United PixiesEverett FC
110367Notes12/10/2022Sat3:45 pmYouthU13Comp 1FemaleHeritage ARSA Elite G10 BlackHSA Select G10 - Hill
11031212/11/2022Sun9:00 amYouthU11Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier G12 White BHarbor Premier G12 Black C
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