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1134924/20/2024Sat9:00 amYouthU10Comp 2FemaleBoze FieldSouth Tacoma G15 LemusValor Rec G15 Coleman Smith - Jaguars
1134344/20/2024Sat9:00 amYouthU11Comp 2MaleEvergreen SouthUPSC Fire DragonsValor Rec KF B13
1134594/20/2024Sat9:00 amYouthU10RecreationFemaleSteilacoom 5LSDSC Blue PanthersNorpoint Hurricanes G14
1134734/20/2024Sat9:30 amYouthU09Comp 1FemaleMeeker 10Norpoint Thunder SistersPacFW-R
1134724/20/2024Sat9:30 amYouthU12Comp 1FemaleMeeker MSNorpoint CheetahsPacFW-R
1134354/20/2024Sat9:30 amYouthU13Comp 2FemaleSteilacoom AUPSC Lightning G12Norpoint Strikers G11
1134274/20/2024Sat10:30 amYouthU10Comp 1MaleHeritage ARSA Elite B14 BlackHSC SDP B14
1134604/20/2024Sat10:30 amYouthU12RecreationMaleSteilacoom CLSDSC Cheetahs Southlake B12 Super
1134744/20/2024Sat11:15 amYouthU09Comp 1MaleMeeker MSNorpoint DooniesaursUPSC Blue Whales
1134094/20/2024Sat11:30 amYouthU12Presidents CupFemaleHarbor Ridge MSHarbor Premier G12 Green AWhatcom Rangers G12 Blue
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