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Date - Authority multiple LocationLocation multiple
Day multiple LeagueLeague multiple FieldField multiple
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1074851/22/2022Sat9:00 amYouthU15Comp 1MaleFranklin Pierce StadiumSteel United WA B07 EliteEagleclaw FC M06
1074561/22/2022Sat9:00 amYouthU16Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 1Harbor Premier G06 Green AWashington Premier FC G06 Navy C
1074011/22/2022Sat9:00 amYouthU09Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2AHarbor Premier B13 White BFWFC B13 White
1073741/22/2022Sat9:00 amYouthU11Comp 1MaleHarbor Ridge MSHarbor Premier B11 Black CPacNW B11 White C
1074151/22/2022Sat9:00 amYouthU16Comp 1FemaleLakeridge MSMRFC G06 DPLTC United G06 Crowe
1073721/22/2022Sat9:30 amYouthU10Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2BHarbor Premier B12 Black CValor Soccer B12 Grey Tesch
1073751/22/2022Sat10:30 amYouthU11Comp 1MaleHarbor Ridge MSHarbor Premier B11 White BXF B11 RCL 4
1074021/22/2022Sat10:45 amYouthU09Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2BHarbor Premier B13 Green ASeattle United B13 Samba C
1074861/22/2022Sat11:00 amYouthU15Comp 1FemaleFranklin Pierce StadiumSteel United G07 EliteTwin City Union FC
1074461/22/2022Sat11:00 amYouthU14Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 1Harbor Premier G08 Green APacNW G08 Maroon A
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