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104070Notes4/19/2020Sun11:00 amYouthU117v7MaleKelly Farms 1MRFC B09 JacksonMRFC B09 Tibeau
104074Notes4/19/2020Sun11:00 amYouthU097v7MaleKelly Farms 2MRFC B11 HealyMRFC B11 Cassidy
104088Notes4/19/2020Sun11:00 amYouthU117v7FemaleKelly Farms 3MRFC G09 SugiyamaMRFC G09 Sholseth
104083Notes4/19/2020Sun11:00 amYouthU137v7MaleKelly Farms 4MRFC B07 P JacksonMRFC B07 Deines
104071Notes4/19/2020Sun12:00 pmYouthU117v7MaleKelly Farms 1MRFC B09 MarlowMRFC B09 Sweeting
104075Notes4/19/2020Sun12:00 pmYouthU097v7MaleKelly Farms 2MRFC B11 RoscoeMRFC B11 Shiley
104089Notes4/19/2020Sun12:00 pmYouthU117v7FemaleKelly Farms 3MRFC G09 EllerMRFC G09 Worley
104084Notes4/19/2020Sun12:00 pmYouthU137v7MaleKelly Farms 4MRFC B07 JacksonMRFC B07 Lenn
104072Notes4/19/2020Sun1:00 pmYouthU117v7MaleKelly Farms 1MRFC B09 OpitzMRFC B09 Jackson
104078Notes4/19/2020Sun1:00 pmYouthU097v7FemaleKelly Farms 2MRFC G11 DottMRFC G11 Fisher
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