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1049125/16/2021Sun9:00 amYouthU19Comp 1FemaleFranklin Pierce StadiumSteel United G02/03 EliteWashington East SC Robles
104937Notes5/16/2021Sun9:00 amYouthU10Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier G11 Black CPacNW G11 Blue B
1049365/16/2021Sun9:30 amYouthU17Comp 1FemaleGig Harbor HS 1Harbor Premier G04 Green ACrossfire Premier G04 B
1049615/16/2021Sun10:00 amYouthU18Comp 1FemaleLakeridge MSMRFC GO3 RedEW Surf SC Columbia Basin GO3
1049385/16/2021Sun10:30 amYouthU09Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier B12 White BNorthwest United B12 Black
1049415/16/2021Sun11:30 amYouthU11Comp 1MaleMeeker MSNorpoint Little Devils FCValor MV B10 Redfern
1049135/16/2021Sun12:00 pmYouthU15Comp 1FemaleFranklin Pierce StadiumSteel United G06 EliteCascade Premier Soccer Club G06 Navy
1049405/16/2021Sun12:00 pmYouthU11Comp 1MaleGig Harbor HS 2Harbor Premier B10 White BKitsap Alliance BU11 2010A
1045965/16/2021Sun12:00 pmYouthU16Comp 1FemaleLakeridge MSMRFC GO5 WhiteGala FC GO5
105000Notes5/16/2021Sun2:00 pmYouthU12RecreationMaleAnnie Wright FieldNortac MOD BU12 Team 32Nortac MOD BU12 Team 34
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